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A man who uses the NASB and NIV (who is also a confused five point Calvinist who believes God selects those who go to heaven and those who goes to hell) wrote a book against the KJV and those who defend it (The King James Only Controversy). He calls himself  'Dr' White,  but neglects to tell his readers that, according to the book, Name It and Frame It, the mail order school who gave him his 'Dr.' is "a degree mill period" (p. 141, 1995 edition). If he is not bright enough to get accepted by an accredited  university's research Ph.D. program, why would anyone care to read his faulty research.

Dr. Peter Ruckman, who has four earned degrees, one beng an earned Ph.D. from Bob Jones University, shows White's errors, point by point. The shallow scholarship of White and the NIV and NASB pastors across the country who are hiding behind White's book, is fully exposed, along with their corrupt new versions.

Read this, along with Riplinger's  expose' of White, in Blind Guides.

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