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Scrivener's Greek New Testament 1908 $19.95

Scrivener's Greek New Testament by F. H. A. Scrivener. (1908)

This CD-ROM contains scanned images of the Greek New Testament 'Textus Receptus', the Greek promoted by The Trinitarian Bible Society. It is a representative of the Greek New Testament Textus Receptus and is therefore useful in proving errors in the new versions and their underlying Greek text.

To present this, or any Greek text, as the inspired 'originals,' in the minutia, one must bury his head in the sand about the details of their one-man origin. The Trinitarian Bible Society's (& DBS's) Greek Text was compiled by F.H.A. Scrivener, member of the Westcott and Hort Revised Version committee. Scrivener, in his original preface, not included in most printed editions, concedes:

1.) Scrivener back-translated most of the KJV into Greek to see where the KJV's 'Greek' basis varied from the Greek adopted in his Revised Version. This includes, as Scrivener admits, 190 or so alterations from Beza's Greek text. A list of those changes is noted in the appendix (pp. iii-xi et. al.). It cannot be used to 'correct' the KJV because Scrivener made a few changes of his own (hmmmm) to this Greek text in a few tiny places. See CD-ROM #2 Appendix, p. 1094 for those places. Also see this web site under Resources  (Frequently Asked Questions #13) for more details.

2.) The text also is marred by Scrivener's "uncertainties" and his "presumed" ideas about just what the KJV translators "likely" had before them and what "appears" to be their source. It is also marred by the limitations of Scrivener's own Greek library and notes, which he admits are "probably quite incomplete" (pp. v., vii, viii, xi, 655 656). If he personally was not aware of the KJV translators' Greek source, he "presumed" it came from the Latin, rather than the "the Originall Greeke" noted on the title page of the 1611. In these cases he followed Beza's one-man edition (a translation into Greek done in part from vernacular New Testaments in Syriac and Aramaic). The "punctuation" and "paragraphs" are those of his corrupt Revised Version of 1881 (p. x).

Therefore Scrivener's Greek New Testament, although generally representative of the Received Text, is, in the minutia, a mutated and hybrid product of Scrivener's own mind. Unless you believe that this Westcott and Hort committee member was 'inspired,' this Greek New Testament has no more 'authority' to 'correct' the Holy Bible than any other one-man edition and 'private interpretation.' It has all of the errors cited earlier for Stephanus text.

Since Scrivener's Greek New Testament was generally translated from the King James English Bible (as well as from Beza's sometimes vernacular-based (Syriac and Aramaic) Greek, it makes no sense to send missionaries and translators to Scrivener to create or check foreign language editions. "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools..." (Rom. 1:22).

Having said all of that, it is important to note that the Scrivener text does represent the pure Received Text-type, in the main, when compared to the highly corrupt Greek text, created by unbelievers, necromancers and Catholics, underlying the NIV, NASB, TNIV, HCSB and ESV (See New Age Bible Versions). The CD-ROM is offered to show new version advocates that their versions are not based on an historic Greek New Testament Textus Receptus text. We suggest that you read Hazardous Materials before relying on any current edition of the Textus Receptus.

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