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Research Update Audio: Riplinger $12.95

INFORMATION OVERLOAD!  (Audio CDs or cassettes)

with Gail Riplinger 

This is the audio only (of the previous video) 

Over three hours of lectures are presented on these two audios.  They begin with a half-hour overview presenting problems in the NKJV, followed by nearly an hour update and overview of errors in the NIV, NASB and other new versions.  Listeners will learn that:

    1) purveyor of erotica Rupert Murdock, owner of the Bart Simpson television program, now owns the NIV's printing rights, 

    2) Roman Catholic Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, the man Time magazine said is most likely to be the next pope, now edits the Greek text underlying the NIV and NASV,             

    3) Martin Woudstra, a supporter of the homosexual movement, was the NIV's Old Testament chairman!


The following are just a few of the many questions answered: 

  • What is the origin of the Catholic edition? 
  • Why do "good men" unknowingly use corrupt versions? 
  • Why is "Easter" the correct rendering in Acts 12:4?  
  • How is the KJV's own self-contained dictionary superior to definitions given in Greek and Hebrew lexicons written by unsaved liberals like Thayer and Briggs? 
  • Why is "Lucifer" etymologically the correct rendering in Isaiah 14:12?  What are the Satanic parallels to NKJV's logo? 
  • Why is the NKJV more difficult to read than the KJV.  
  • Why are the so-called "literal" translations in Berry's, Green's, and Kohlenburger's Interlinears in error? 
  • What are the parallels between the Jehovah Witness version and the NKJV?

Riplinger also discusses many other subjects such as: 

    1) The KJV's use of cognitive scaffolding which makes it a perfect tool for teaching  "little folks" to read,

    2) the dangerous Dead Sea Scrolls,

    3) the recent discovery by the world's pre-eminent mathematicians of names imbedded in the KJV's Hebrew text. (Nothing could be found when they tried their statistical analysis with the texts underlying the NKJV, NIV and NASB) and,  

    4) Lucis Trust (Lucifer Publishing Co.) documents discussing their planned infiltration of the church.

    These lectures were televised on Scripps Howard cable network and WPMC-TV. They were taped at Temple Baptist Church.  This is the audio only.


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All 4 Riplinger Bestsellers
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